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Company Profile


Al Teel & Associates utilizes the latest legal, audio and photographic surveillance equipment available. The agency is licensed with every major information broker, as well as Federal, state and local government record depositories. Al Teel & Associates can expeditiously secure information and documentation from anywhere in the United States.


The key to the agency’s success is its world-class team of veteran investigators, who have extensive training with Federal, State or Local law enforcement agencies. Each is a college graduate and many have earned advanced degrees. In addition to their law enforcement backgrounds, these agents have extensive experience working in the private sector with large national and international corporations. All agents maintain current travel documents and can be deployed worldwide on short notice.


In the world of private investigations, there is simply no substitute for experience. With more than 40 years in the field, Al Teel is an expert in all phases of investigations. All investigations are conducted under the direction of Mr. Teel, who works with his team to efficiently and effectively resolve a client’s need. His extensive credentials include serving as:


• Team Leader of the US Postal Inspection Service, responsible for supervising Major Fraud Investigations.


• Special Investigator Lockheed Aircraft Corporation where he supervised major fraud investigations, protected classified material and was responsible for security of corporate officers and customers.


• Los Altos, California police department, where he received numerous commendations for investigating and apprehending burglars, robbery suspects and fugitives.


• Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe (SHAPE) Paris, France. SHAPE Safety Officer, Investigator 16th MP-CID and Bodyguard for Supreme Allied Commander Europe.




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