Investigative Services

Al Teel & Associates offers a wide variety of services ranging from investigations to protection details. Each case is designed to meet the needs of an agency client in the most effective and efficient manner. All assignments are personally supervised by Mr. Teel and tap the special skills of his team. These services include:

Domestic Investigations
Asset identification, surveillance, background and child endangerment issues.

Asset Investigations
Identify assets, locate and assist in legal recovery.

Internal and external theft and depredation of property.

Analysis of opportunity, life style, past history and forensic examination of books and documents.

Due Diligence
Conduct extensive background investigations, of current and prospective employees, corporate officers, management, and adversaries, including criminal history, financial stability, reputations and life style.

Trial Preparation
Identify and locate witnesses, interview and subpoena, coordinate travel, compare known information with current and proposed testimony. Conduct background inquires relative to client witnesses and adversary witnesses.

Surveillance Division
Assignments are conducted by agents, each with more than 20 years experience with Federal, State and Local law enforcement agencies.

Forensic Computer Investigations
Directed at collection of evidence, identification of hidden files, recovery of deleted files and data extraction for high-speed analysis of activity.

Fraud examination, business valuation, bankruptcy, asset tracing, expert testimony.

Criminal Investigations
Defense and Complainant cases investigated.

Civil Investigations
Plaintiff and Defense cases conducted.